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SSG Exhibitions

SSG Exhibitions empowers brands and experiences that shape the stories of culture. Our multi-platform business innovation lives its brand, driving hard to solve challenges and creating ideas, events and partnerships with dimensional thinking and aspirational intensity.

At SSG organising an exhibition means more to us than just bringing people together. Our exhibitions are about innovations, emotions, inspiring ideas and conversations. A simple conversation at an exhibition booth may plant a seed for a vision and project that signals a new direction for an entire industry.

Every day at SSG we seek to amaze our clients with strategic, technical thinking, professional expertise and powerful innovative marketing platforms. Our work elicits emotion because it is packed with passion.

At every SSG event you will be presented with exceptional business opportunities and our dedicated team on hand to meet any requirements you may have. Our events are more than a mere interaction of business people; they are a meeting point for the industries, companies and individuals networking to shape our future.

Developing, marketing and managing exhibitions & events, brand communications, interactive experiences, and innovation strategy touch the surface of SSG’s exponential capabilities. Our aspiration sets the bar for excellence as we transform a broad range of environments into experiences that embody mindfulness, global thinking, and dedication.

We excel in creating brand leading, highly targeted events where people from all over South Africa and the world come together to do business & network. We bring brands to life through powerful and engaging experiences. We collaborate, and we DELIVER real solutions with high ROI. Thinking global and acting local is our success!

How We Do It

Everything we do begins with the animating spark of inspiration.

  • SSG’s essential nature is one of pure potentiality – pure essence, pure joy, pure creativity, pure knowledge, perfect balance, endless possibilities, invincibility, simplicity and pure bliss.
  • Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of this world circulating in our lives.
  • When our actions of conscious choice-making bring happiness and success to others, both the action and consequence of that action is joy and success.
  • We express our special talents and use our unique gift to serve humanity, constantly asking the question, how can we help and be of service?
  • Inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment.

We are passionate and do what we love with mindful intention. Consequently, every aspect of our work embodiesResource, Reason, and Relevance.